Writing Creative Resume`

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A well-crafted resume provides employers with detail statement of a job candidate prior employment experiences, education, accomplishments and any other relevant information to support their application. It demonstrates suitability for an employment.  MMS mentors assist individual develop a professional resume which spelled out their employment objective, a summary of skills, knowledge and potential contributions; a summary of work experience; listing certificates obtained and mention any additional relevant information for their employers. We can also help with cover letter to accompany the resume. We have three types of resume; Courteous General Resume (CGR), Specific Targeted Resume(STR) and Generous Standard Resume (GSR). With GSR and STR, we match applicant’s skills, knowledge and experiences with the stated job requirements. 

The cover letter will be written in such a way that the contents address the position advertised.

We have got all the necessary skills and professional mentors to help through all these.

Job Services

We offer Job Services and Provide the opportunity for Internship with some great companies and charity NGOs  

Legal & Other Services

We Legal Services and other related conflict resolution issues. reach out to our consultant today. 

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