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Providing Life Skills Exploration Program (LSEP)

At My Mentoring Services (MMS), we value discipline, determination, courage and commitment which complement our philosophy of integrity, trust, respect and authenticity. Life skills Exploration Program is a day program designed for individuals aiming to strive for excellence in life through the exploration of different activities. The program enables individuals to adapt and deal effectively with the demands and challenges of an everyday life. It uses the World’s Health Organisation (WHO) 10-core set of skills that promotes good health and wellbeing. These skills include effective communication, self-awareness, empathy, creative thinking, critical thinking, decision making, problem Solving, interpersonal relationship, coping with stress, and coping with emotion.

The program commences with a discussion of the 10-core set of skills mentioned above then a visit to different specialised service organisations and specialists with the aim of understanding the advantages and disadvantages of their service provision specialties. In particular, the participants will visit the homelessness organisations. After visiting the centres, the participants will be taken to meet successful individuals working in their diverse fields. The participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and consult directly with key people in our society such as the lawyers, magistrates, doctors, politicians and etc. The main reason for this visit is to learn, acknowledge and recognise the difficulties, challenges and problems that people in our society may be experiencing. It’s also to educate our participants on hitches and glitches individuals undertake out there while searching for opportunities.  We expect that the participants will use this opportunity to appreciate the privileges they may have in our society and concentrate on productive activities. We also believed that this is an opportunity for youths involved in the program to alter their behaviours and choose pathways which support their future endeavour.  

This program is good for young people aged from between 12 to 17 years of age wanting to strive for excellence in life. It’s also good for young people who are starting to understand themselves and their environment. The program starts with a visit to a homelessness Centre, a place of hope and opportunity where people regain their lost opportunities, in the morning and then goes on to listen to court hearing around midday at the magistrate court and they are led by a successful mentor lawyer.  In the evening the participants will tour the Adelaide city centre and will be return home to their parents.  At the end of the tour, the participants will be asked to voluntary complete an evaluation form of the program.

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