MMS stands for My Mentoring Services. It’s a business registered in Australia by Dr Juma Abuyi to provide a variety of services to youths, families and communities including government and non-government organisations.
The main aim of MMS is to mentor individuals and organisations in South Australia to advance and achieve more potential.

The MMS value discipline, determination, courage and commitment which complement our philosophy of integrity, trust and respect.
The MMS ensure that any participant receiving services agree to these principles, values and work together to achieve the best outcomes.

We help to develop, support and nurture positive relationships between our clients and their associates by ensuring that they receive appropriate knowledge necessary to achieve more in life. To find out more contact us here

It’s simple, at the moment there are only one form of membership. To become a member you need to register through an online service or by sending a printed completed registration form to info@myms.com.au. To find out more contact us here

We are client’s focus and provide diverse services. These services include Consultant Services, General Mentoring Services, All Sports Services, Education and Employment services.
We have great networks with several government, non-government and community organisation serving the wider Australian society.
We deal with expert in diverse fields to provide you with highly professional advice on your issues at hand.
We share our knowledge, experiences, and advice with you in a professional manner. Click here to checkout more about MMS Services

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