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Supporting vulnerable individuals gain access to education and participate in sports.


This year we noticed that most of the South Australian sports clubs have increased their player’s registration fees to hundreds and thousands of dollars. For example, over $500 dollars for players below 12 years and $1000 dollars for players over 12 years of age. This amount of money may sound reasonable for clubs but unbearable for many youths and their families. As a result, many young people within the community who breathe the game, unfortunately, has to quit the game they love most.

These situations exacerbated for new arrivals in the country, disadvantaged families and families with several dependents who solely lived on social security benefits, single parent,s or in a family where only one parent working. For example, within the African community in South Australia, about 95% of the youth especially boys engage in soccer, and the majority of them will soon be hanging around the house or street of Adelaide with nothing to do. In 2019, a good number of clubs have to removed players from their teams and clubs because they owe clubs more money than they could repay. These players further could not play in any club in Australia, even in an amateur football competition as they have to pay their previous clubs first before they could register to play for other clubs. Unfortunately, these players removed from the clubs will end up on our street with nothing to do.
We know that there are good people in our Australian society who can give these youths a chance.

You can give these youths and their family’s peace of mind and an opportunity by getting them involved in sporting activities. My Mentoring Services have a sponsorship program for those who required assistance. We are seeking assistance for a good cause and you can help by sponsoring a kid to participate in any sport of your choice. MMS will make sure that your assistance goes where it’s required and to the right individual. We will connect you to the young person and their families. We will help to make sure that the beneficiary of your sponsorship participates fully in the required sporting activities. The assistance you provide goes toward e.g. player’s registration or sponsorship of a player, player’s boot or helping with the cost of injured players physios, etc. We are also happy to include your ideas as long as it meets our values and philosophical framework.

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The financial support you provided will go toward helping a vulnerable person receive extra after school coaching or stationery for their school required needs. This program is for school children in Adelaide and those living states of Australia.

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