Cultural Orientation Services

Providing Updated Cultural Awareness Training.

Best for government, non-government, and community organization

At MMS we value discipline, determination, courage, and commitment which complements our philosophy of integrity, trust, respect, and authenticity. We ensure that any clients we serve agree to these principles, values, and work together to achieve the best outcome for both parties.

We provide cultural awareness training to families, communities, schools, churches and government and non-government organisations. We focus on differences in understandings, behavioral styles of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and attitudes of tolerance towards differences. Our cultural awareness-training program brings about change, a blend of cultural information, self-evaluation, and skill development. It offers an opportunity for individuals to have better communication with people around them, reflect on their behavior, captivating conscious of cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions. After taking our training you will be more assertive to meet people from other cultures and interact with them without any more anxiety.

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We provide cultural awareness training to families, communities, schools, churches, and government and non-government organization

Legal & Other Services

We offer Legal Services, as well as other community support Services on a request basis, click below to learn more.

Mentoring Services

Our  Mentoring Services are offered on a one-on-one basis and to a group of individuals.  Click the link below to learn more

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