We are a registered consultancy firm providing mentoring services to young people, families and all those who wants to strive for excellence.

At MMS we value discipline, determination, courage and commitment which complement our philosophy of integrity, trust, respect and authenticity.

We help to develop, validate and nurture positive relationships between our clients and their associates. We work with our clients to achieve excellence in life and provides the guidance to protect their interests and secure their futures.

We focus on our client’s career aspiration and makes their dream realised through the provision of professional advice and guidance.

We also provide Sport services, education and career guidance, counselling services, targeted cultural awareness training to the mainstream community, schools stakeholders and to  new and emerging communities in Australia. 

WE ARE....

Customer Centric

We take customer-centric approach to do more than putting our customers needs first; 'we make it a priority to provide an exceptional customer experience to all our service users. we foster a customer-centric culture, aligning our products and services for the best customers, we have a commitment to customer success, engage with customers from the beginning, design processes and policies from the customer’s point of view and we encourage customer innovation

Customer Centric

Authenticity is our behavior and value. It allows us to meet our customers’ and partners’ business needs by delivering the highest quality of service. All our staff, Contributors and volunteers continually work to build trust between MMS and our esteemed customers. We are truly dedicated with a purpose to provide services that help our customers grow and achieve their full potential.

Empowering Community

Our community know and love them. They are the vocal and well-connected champions of our cause. With eager, they are ready to get involved and rally our efforts, as we are looking for ways to entice new backers, we are constantly looking for ways to nurture our most dedicated community members. It’s important part of our social responsibility; we provide opportunities for connection, we are strong because of them, we listen with open mind to their feedback, we help them recruit and mentor new leaders


Dr Juma Abuyi is a sociologist and social scientist involving in many different activities. His careers includes community and sport development work, guest lecturing cultural studies, human resource management and research in particular with new and emerging multicultural communities. Dr Abuyi has served both federal and state governments for many years providing advice on the development of policy and programs for new arrivals and humanitarian entrants groups in Australia.  Dr Abuyi has won several awards, including the South Australian Governor’s Multicultural Award, South Australia Police Academic Award and the Champion Award for exceptional achievements and remarkable contributions to Australia and Africa through policing, social and community engagements. In 2014, he was awarded the Doctor of Human Service Research at the University of South Australia.

Mrs Jane Amito is a highly motivated individual with a positive attitude and personality.  She has good interpersonal skills which enable her to handle difficult situations with diplomacy.  Mrs Amito has excellent client management skills and holds a certificate III in Aged care and Childcare Services. She has  worked within the Aged care and Childcare sectors for many years. Mrs Amito have particular interest in the cleaning industry and one day dreams of owning he

Mr Otto Molecue Olyec is a highly motivated business oriented graduate with a solid background in Finance management, Strategic marketing and  Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Atom has also obtained his masters degree in business,  majoring in International business.

Mr Moi Odubasa is a graduate with Bachelor Degrees in Social and Philosophical Studies, Economics and International Studies, and Masters Degrees in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, and Public Policy.

He has worked in educational institutions, care services, and Australian Public Service in program delivery and compliance for a number of years.

Previously, Mr Odubasa worked in family mediation and conflict resolution program in Victoria.

Mr Odubasa has a particular interest in social issues and politics, and engages in some philosophical debates on regular basis.  He is a passionate admirer of St Thomas Aquinas and his version of philosophical realism. The kind of realism most likely everyone has in their minds when they bother to think about the subject at all. This sort of thinking will inform the contributions Mr Odubasa will make on a range of topical issues he writes about on this medium.

Mr Isaac Achan is a student at the University of Adelaide Studying a Bachelor of Science. He worked at McDonalds and was able to start his own business called Phoenix Streetwear which is an online retail business. Mr Achan hobbies include playing National Premier League Football for Adelaide Olympic, scoring over 20 goals for the club and winning most consistent players, ranking in the top 10 best players in the league at #6. His aim is to mentor youth to becomes entrepreneurs, academicians, athletes which offer them a fair chance to achieve excellence in life.

Paul Solomon is a highly motivated football coach who enjoys helping players to develop both in football and in life. Paul has been coaching both youth and senior football since 2012 and has a deep knowledge and experience in football administration and coaching. Paul currently holds a FFA/AFC C license and is currently enrolled to receive his FFA/AFC B license. Paul’s experience includes mentoring and helping new Australians successfully adapt to Australian life through Football. Paul also gets involved through coaching in many of the African community tournaments held throughout the year in South Australia

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